Many of the people are fond of historical items or handicrafts, which are handmade and give a traditional look. One of my friend is an antique lover and is fond of changing ash trays in a particular time interval or after proper usage. He is fond of using it as a living room decor item. Whenever I visit him, I find a new and unique ash tray on his desk. I asked him about the site from where he used to bring such a novelty piece each time I visit him. He named Craftofy.

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Later on, I learnt that, Craftofy is a firm of handicrafts, exclusive of its quality and uniqueness. It includes all kinds of handicrafts, may it be wooden or metallic or of any other material. This place is a hub for handicraft lovers and for those who are fond of beautifying their place through such different products each time. The best quality of products makes this site a reliable one. Not only this, but also, this is the spot where one could fulfill his desire of individuality in decorating his place with most unique products. These statements are trustable since this is the firm which directly provides the items from the artisans or the manufacturers. This includes each and every type of products like educational toys, living room decorates including lamps, photo frames, idiols or statues, show-pieces, vases, wall clocks, paintings etc, daily utilities like sindoor box, mirrors etc., kitchen ware items like bowl, spices box, mortar and pestles, spoons or racks, table decorates like ash trays, calenders, coasters, aggarbatti stand, book stands and much more. For antiques, there is also a space for spiritual idiols and statues of deities, gramophones, old style telephones, guitars and innumerable such other stuffs. Latest items like, mobile cum pen holders, card holders, keychain holders, various types of massagers, spring trays etc.

Ash trays are commonly used in many homes and at Craftofy, these are found to be very featured pieces. They have wide range of costing according to design, carving, shape and material being used. Here, they have a beautiful carving and colourful designs giving an extraordinery look. These trays are effective in use. Material doesn’t get fade or the carvings doesn’t have irregularities or the designing color doesn’t fade easily. Along with this, the steel plate fit inside doesn’t come out easily and this stands for the perfect manufacturing of the tray. This speciality of ash tray gives it a long life. There are so many ranges cost wise, that one would be even able to change those ash tray from time to time, even if they don’t deteriorate till then. Craftofy is renowed for this kind of item which have long life, and such durable products in one’s budget is a very good deal in fact. The artisans or manufacturer produce a unique piece each time and it is available for the buyers whenever they want to buy. This gives flexibility in choosing the most suited design according to the thought of a costumer. Along with this, the best services at Craftofy serves its consumers efficiently.


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