Many of the people are fond of historical items or handicrafts, which are handmade and give a traditional look. One of my friend is an antique lover and is fond of changing ash trays in a particular time interval or after proper usage. He is fond of using it as a living room decor item. Whenever I visit him, I find a new and unique ash tray on his desk. I asked him about the site from where he used to bring such a novelty piece each time I visit him. He named Craftofy.

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Later on, I learnt that, Craftofy is a firm of handicrafts, exclusive of its quality and uniqueness. It includes all kinds of handicrafts, may it be wooden or metallic or of any other material. This place is a hub for handicraft lovers and for those who are fond of beautifying their place through such different products each time. The best quality of products makes this site a reliable one. Not only this, but also, this is the spot where one could fulfill his desire of individuality in decorating his place with most unique products. These statements are trustable since this is the firm which directly provides the items from the artisans or the manufacturers. This includes each and every type of products like educational toys, living room decorates including lamps, photo frames, idiols or statues, show-pieces, vases, wall clocks, paintings etc, daily utilities like sindoor box, mirrors etc., kitchen ware items like bowl, spices box, mortar and pestles, spoons or racks, table decorates like ash trays, calenders, coasters, aggarbatti stand, book stands and much more. For antiques, there is also a space for spiritual idiols and statues of deities, gramophones, old style telephones, guitars and innumerable such other stuffs. Latest items like, mobile cum pen holders, card holders, keychain holders, various types of massagers, spring trays etc.

Ash trays are commonly used in many homes and at Craftofy, these are found to be very featured pieces. They have wide range of costing according to design, carving, shape and material being used. Here, they have a beautiful carving and colourful designs giving an extraordinery look. These trays are effective in use. Material doesn’t get fade or the carvings doesn’t have irregularities or the designing color doesn’t fade easily. Along with this, the steel plate fit inside doesn’t come out easily and this stands for the perfect manufacturing of the tray. This speciality of ash tray gives it a long life. There are so many ranges cost wise, that one would be even able to change those ash tray from time to time, even if they don’t deteriorate till then. Craftofy is renowed for this kind of item which have long life, and such durable products in one’s budget is a very good deal in fact. The artisans or manufacturer produce a unique piece each time and it is available for the buyers whenever they want to buy. This gives flexibility in choosing the most suited design according to the thought of a costumer. Along with this, the best services at Craftofy serves its consumers efficiently.


Gifting Ideas – WALL SHELVES

I was thinking about my sister’s birthday. During occasions, deciding gift is the most toughest part. It is very easy if you already know that what that person is currently in search of; but it is a big deal if you do not know the recent status of that person. I very well knew that she was fond of handicrafts specially purely metallic and wooden ones. I asked about this to one of my friend and she recommended me to check Craftofy once from where She used to regularly buy decorates for her home from this portal. I just thought for checking once if I could get anything as worth as gifting my sister. On Craftofy, I found many sections of handicrafts on it. I scrolled many item and differentiated them as per my liking and as per gifting point of view. I went on selecting items and moving them into cart to separate them from rest of the lot. When I came across wall shelf category in utility section, I could not shift my eyes from the item, a wall shelf made of both metal and wood. “Foldable wall shelf in wood and wrought iron,” it read. This was the best model I found from all the products and immediately removed every item from the cart and ordered this finally.

First of all, I didn’t find this kind of wall shelf anywhere else. This was one the reason to book it for its uniqueness and a sense of individuality it would give upon gifting. Along with that, whatever products I separated from the slots, I found each and every product to be with a reasonable rate and within the budget. There were many cases when I was getting confused between selecting the best one because my thoughts set in both the products equally. This beauty of items at Craftofy attracted its buyers to come again and again on the website to check for latest products which updated regularly. And likewise, there were many other creative wall shelves which were very adorable and not found easily.

The wall shelf with foldable feature is a most comfortable one to use. Saving the space and serving the best, are two main points one wouldn’t want to miss in case of buying such furniture components. The glossy wooden top sighted very well manufactured look, also, the metallic base, that is, the metallic mould of design with finest possible curves and details gave an eye-catchy look. Wrought iron being the raw material, is best for designing and shaping, and also for maintaining the durability, that is long life of the item. After I gifted the wall shelf, I asked my sister for the review. She said that the wall shelf looks fabulous on her wall and it is very strong in handling weight. She asked me that from where did I got that best quality product from. When I told her about Craftofy, she researched, and told me that there are many people who regularly decorate their homes from here and therefore this is a reliable site. She too was planning to buy many of her items from Craftofy. We also found that Craftofy gives good delivery service and henceforth it is one the best e-commercial platform for buying handicrafts.


-Being traditional is always prosperous.

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India is a traditional country with various religions and their customs. In such a vast land, each and every caste is equally important and every individual are keen to do all that they can do for their respective lords. Specially, the ones who like ancient touch in their homes are the first and foremost people to pick any kind of antiques they find anywhere. For such lovers of history and models of their god, Craftofy has kept a separate section of Vintage decor. This section consist of antiques such as dummy gramophones in different sizes, old styled telephones with circular dial and separated earphone with different color and styles. These are pieces quite similar to original pieces of ancient times. They have a perfect fitted circular and smooth curved earphone, such a way, that no one would doubt about their manufacturing. These are made out of exactly same kinds of materials that were used in those days or given finishing and effect of antiques so clearly that difference between the past and present remains very well hidden. These are the pieces who relish our head being held high in prestige. Many of the products here include idols or wall hangings of lords Ganesha, Durga, Sai baba, Hanuman, Shiva, Shiva with his family, Krishna with flute, Krishna and radha, Ram with his family, Saraswati, Om, Swastik and Buddha. Not only this, but also, they include idols in different forms such as Ganesha with turban, Little krishna with flute, Ganesha on leaf or with sun or on swastik or along with Om well set to form a design such that it is originally indigenous one, and, joining hands with lakshmi and ganesh inside. These idols are found to be in different materials, one of them if olive green colour, the most original look resembling the best kinds of carvings artisans did long time ago. Some of them are multicoloured, whose luster is no less than than the olive green ones. Rest are dark coloured or single coloured. If we talk about only material difference, many of them are metallic art works, the one whose craze is always alive, and the one who are most durable. These are too, found in bronze or copper shine, which compete each other equally. Craftofy, keeping these wide range of products serves its buyers the best.


-For a kitchen leads to hearts of many.

Our food is to be worshipped. Our food is the best source of energy for us. And if the food is prepared with love, it tastes delicious not only while eating but also has a pleasant aroma. For a lady to prepare food with interest, one of the most important object is kitchen and its maintenance. If kitchen is well maintained, it will lead to melting of many hearts for food and if it is not, then we will feel to cook as fast as possible and quit the kitchen, and things done in hurry are always a mess.

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Here at Craftofy, kitchen section has several categories like, spices box, caserol, pickle box, chapati storage box, tea and coffee storage utility, mortar and pestle and such things. Spices boxes here are most amazing. There are various number of compartment boxes available. Some are two compartment, three compartment or even six compartments. They are available in various styles like verticle, horizontal, with steel compartments, round, rajasthani style box or drawer style. These are most interesting designs because they have unique type of patterns and colors according to theme, as in, Rajasthani box would have typical Rajasthani design and color, many of them either square or round have small steel bowls inserted or say fitted so well inside that they won’t come out easily or be small to keep enough amount of spices. Those in standing position have drawers style looking very natural to furniture at our homes. In such patterns, there is also availability of tea and coffee containers. These boxes are very easy to handle and use. Plus, making unique style of working in kitchen is their specialty. Along with this, the chapati box creates a fantastic set for working. The box is well insulated to keep our roti warm and soft to have it at any time. All the materials including those of spoons are made of best quality of material so that we can wash the products and use it as we want. Apart from difference in designs and creating a unique set, flexibility is a very good factor that makes these products choosy ones.

The Keyholder Story


When the key holder at my home broke, I was searching for a another one and a better piece than what I had before. It is very disturbing to search these small things again and again as they break and key holder is a thing which is used as a daily item. I was surfing the internet to find a new one. I am very conscious about the look of my house and always prefer to purchase the products with a unique and novelty designs every time. I came across advertisement of Craftofy. When I went on its webpage, I found out that it is a handicrafts company. I saw the products, and they were divided into sections of kitchen ware, table decor, vintage decor, educational toys and many other stuff. When my sight stuck on latest arrivals, they were astonishing. I thought of getting more into the website for searching for key holder of my choice.

Each and every individual have their own choice and they wish to buy products which would satisfy them after spending money. This is best understood by Craftofy and henceforth it provides key holder in all ranges of cost. I found Craftofy the most cost effective company, since after I bought the key holder, it didn’t break when I hung the most heavy keychain on its one of the handle. At the time of buying, I found a section called “Convenience for you” with a subtag of key holders in it. Then when I went inside, I found numerous ranges of key holders in terms of handles. According to one’s use, he can buy the key holder easily by avoiding scrolling and searching, like a two handle key holder or a three handle key holder or any other number key holder. These key holders differ in perspective of sizes. Not only this, but one is also given choice to select a key holder according to the style point of view. There is a variety in styles of key holder too, such as, a verticle key holder in gradual increasing number of holders or a horizontal key holder of different number of holders in a particular pattern horizontally arranged. Not only this, but also, there are adorable and extraordinary designs with alignment of handles in key holder like a shape of bicycle or with KEYHOUSE letters or with WELCOME letters, feather spread eagle shape, window shape or an elegant wheel shape. I found this to be the most decorative and brilliantly coloured and smoothly shaped, such that I could not ask myself to search somewhere else and just finalize the best piece from this. I too found the combo very interesting, that is, home utility item cum keychain holder, so that I could not only use it as a key holder but also use it to keep my cards, pamplets and much more. I found the flexibility in selecting a perfect key holder to be a very easy of gaining satisfaction after spending on an item. Along with this, I found the items in reasonable rate, or say cheaper than those item which promise to hold the weight and then fail to do so.

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Antique Farmhouse Decor

Do you love beautiful and antique farmhouse decor? Over the past years,

the organic nod back to simpler times is evident in farmhouse decor and

bringing this antique decorative style into your home is easy. Here are

some creative ways to bring antique farmhouse design into your interiors.

Farmhouse decor is greatly gaining popularity. Many are opting for it to

bring in that cosy feel into the house. Antique Farmhouse decor style is

simplistic in nature and allows you to do-it- yourself. Some of the things

associated with this decor style include recycling, renovating. Clearly,

farmhouse decor style is the way to go because not is it simple to grasp,

but it also blends in well with many other décor styles.

#Eating the old style

Comfort summarizes dining rooms in farmhouse decor homes. Everything

from the dining chairs, tables, candle lanterns, open shelves used for

displaying colorful bowls, and wooden flooring bring a peace and rustic


Apart from these, they also come furnished with vintage decor cabinets

and stick to light colors of natural shades.

Farmhouse style kitchens are characterized by wooden floors, but

terracotta and checked tiles may also be used.

the vintage decor kitchens incorporate a lot of wooden cabinets and open

shelves into the design.

Big stoves are used that allow easy preparation of food for many people.

The tables and cabinets are made of heavy wood, which is also used in

making the kitchen countertops.

Claw foot tubs are what characterize bathrooms in farmhouse style homes.

Storage baskets, wooden cabinets, vintage decor sinks, rustic lighting

fixtures, flower pots and open shelves all adorn these vintage decor


To help you with that inviting feel typical in country, antique farmhouse

decor bedrooms, vintage decor chic furniture with a rustic flair to it should

do the trick. Light pastel colors, natural textiles, and materials should also

help you complete the look.

Nautical Decor Ideas

From preppy prints to ocean-themed accessories, sport your room the best of sailor-chic style!!

Even if not having a beach house, you can evoke your spirit of ocean by simple nautical decor ideas.


Just try these refreshing decoration de noel ideas and you are bout to find yourself feeling the salty misty air splatter your face or wandering along side the water lands holding the hand of your love and if not anything but yes the feel of having settled amidst that far stretched ocean.

The simple vessel


To have this exquisite nautical decor look you can :

# get the walls painted ocean blue and white with images of boats, sails on the walls

#keeps soft toys or nautical decor items such as pirates, mini boats, boat-in-bottle, different types of fishes

#add life guards or anchors on the wall to give it a chic look

#keep the furnishing simple, wood and of ocean taste. You can even keep the bed raw sans paint to let the boat feeling sink

#keep the room airy to feel the windy ocean

#keep the flooring and matting light and wooden.

A real inhouse experience:

#this can be done when you are in the idea of using a similar area of sleeping. A four sleeping arrangement can be made. Make in-wall cabins with or without doors asper choice.

#make windows on the walls and also curtained ones on the adjacent walls.

#to give a double deck experience to the nautical decor add a staircase and railings for the first floor compartments.

#you can also use small specimens of anchors and other nautical decor things to decorate



Not in but on it:

#two single or one double bed can be carved out as boat

#use boat-like matting and mattresses

#make flags out of old cream cloth and write the initials of your names.

#can be a pirate too. For the pirate decoration de noel, add soft pirate parrot perched on a stand, pirate flags over the bed post

#the theme for pirate setting should have grey and black




Bathing on the boat:

#get your bathtub the same design as of a boat

#get the cabinet made as if the shipping products are stored

#the theme of the bathroom to be white and blue.

#use scented oils and sea products as soap case

Bathing underwater:

#create an underwater ambience by painting the walls with underwater life and blue

#use nautical decor items used along sea to give a refreshing look

#place sediments and all underwater animals and things in the bath tub to give a real feel.












Crafts world with Craftofy

image source

The artworks of India are different, rich in history and religion. The art of every state in India mirrors the impact of various realms. All through hundreds of years, specialties have been inserted as a culture and convention inside provincial groups. The crowd of the handicraft works is growing day by day, and thus the growth of the e-store Craftofy is becoming more popular among the masses for its innovative unique collection.

Metal Crafts incorporates metal work utilizing Zinc, Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold. A portion of the conventional old workmanship styles are Bidriware, Pembarthi Metal Craft, Dhokra, Kamrupi. The metal utilized is a darkened amalgam of zinc and copper decorated with thin sheets of immaculate silver.


image source

Pembarthi Metal Craft Pembarthi Metal Craft is a metal handiwork made in Pembarthi, Warangal locale, Telangana State, India. They are well known for their lovely sheet metal fine arts. This fastidious metal work, craftsmanship thrived amid the rule of Kakatiyas realm. Kakatiyas widely utilized sheet metal workmanship to enhance the chariots and sanctuaries.

Dhokra is non–ferrous metal throwing utilizing the lost-wax throwing strategy. This kind of metal throwing has been utilized as a part of India for more than 4,000 years is still utilized. One of the soonest known lost wax antiques is the moving young lady of Mohenjo-daro. The result of dhokra artisans are in extraordinary request in local and remote markets in light of primitive straightforwardness, captivating society themes and commanding structure.


image source

Kamrupi Brass and Bell Metal results of Kamrup are well known for their magnificence and quality of the frame and utility. Metal is a critical cabin industry, with a most noteworthy focus in Hajo, while Sarthebari is notable for its chime metal specialty. The central things of metal are the kalah (water pot), sarai (a platter or plate mounted on a base), kahi (dish), bati (bowl), lota (water pot with a long neck) and tal (cymbals). Gold, silver and copper too have framed a portion of customary metalcraft in Kamrup, and the State Museum in Guwahati has a rich gathering of things made of these metals. Gold is for the most part utilized as a part of decorations.


image source

The artworks of India have been esteemed all through time; their presence today demonstrates the endeavors put into their safeguarding. The foundations of these specialties, which are the rustic experts, are in decrease. This contended by the India Foundation for the Arts organisation. Rising expenses of materials and supplies have set huge numbers of these specialty groups in budgetary battle.

Handicraft India is growing importance across the globe. The e-stores are basically acting as the connector to the masses to bring in their home the beauty of home decor items.  It includes the wall décor, table décor, showpiece, photo-frames, paintings, lamps, idols and many things. Craftofy has the beautiful collection in reasonable rate- which include all the diversity of the crafts in India-the speciality of Indian States.

Use Aggarbatti fume box to generate the usefulness of the Aggarbatti at your home |Craftofy

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Religious utilization of incense has its causes in ancient times. The copied incense might be proposed as a conciliatory offering to a different god or to serve as a guide in supplication.

Incense sticks, additionally called aggarbattis are fragrance stick- utilized from the antiquated period by individuals, throughout the world. The advancement of incense stick could be from the smoldering of sweet-smelling woods in the primitive time frame. As humankind picked up development and turned out to be more religious, these fragrances agarbattis assumed vital part in everyday customs.

The reason for blazing agarbatti is to purge the terrible air. The sacred smoke averts undesirable terrible vitality and awful soul from entering home. This is utilized for aroma which typically proposes the nearness of the god and the affection for divinity.

The utilization of incense stick is recorded in the Old Testament, the Vedas, and other old books. Agarbattis were regularly utilized as a part of better places of love like houses of worship, cloisters, mosques, and sanctuaries. Incense was generally in nations like Egypt, Greece, China, Japan, and India.


image source

Individuals having a place with various religions utilized agarbattis as a part of their custom love. Offering to God was made by lighting these agarbattis as it refines the climate. The invigorating aroma of the incense stick spreads into the air to make a peaceful climate helping the lovers to have quiet attitude. The mitigating and decontaminated air helps in contemplation.

With this concept the incense stick holders are found in variety using a large number of techniques and patterns. The largest e-store Craftofy brings in such a collection to enhance the use the aggarbati on a decorative box.

The utilization of incense is a customary and pervasive practice in all pujas, petitions, and different types of love.


image source

Volatile oils shape a fundamental part of the crude materials utilized as a part to fabricate the incense sticks/agarbatti are known to pulverize airborne microorganisms when utilized as a part of an assemblage. The de-odorised air and the satisfying scent alleviate the nerve and render the environment friendly for focus, reflection and supplications. Ayurveda endorses the utilization of incense in wiping out rooms, predominantly because of its hostile to septic nature which empowers it to decontaminate air and in addition on account of the therapeutic properties, the odour and smoke discharged by the agarbattis confers prosperity when breathed in by a wiped out individual.

You will find a different collection of wooden holder and the copper bronze holder of this useful incense sick. The regular fixings like saffron and shoe wood incense stick enhances blood dissemination, cures skin ailment, facilitates asthmatic breathing and hack, lessens fever and irritation, and lightens sorrow.

The fragrance incense sticks act a vital part in enhancing the state of mental issue. The lovely and sweet notice improves individuals who are experiencing gloom. It decreases stretch and tension. Additionally, it lessens the awful stench of the body. It additionally calms body hurts and agony.

Individuals experiencing despondency feel better in view of the wonderful scent. The lovely fragrant elevates the state of mind and makes individuals more coordinated by decreasing anxiety and tension. Incense stick decreases the personal stench. It additionally alleviates body throbs and torment.

With all the elevated usefulness of the agarbattis one need to use the holder and the game to generate the usefulness in the air of the room. Craftofy helps to connect you with all the things together.

Branding coasters of different styles at Craftofy

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A coaster  or beer mat is a thing used to rest refreshments upon. The coasters ensure the protection of the surface of a table or any other surface where the person may put a drink. Open houses more often, have beermats spread out over their tables. They are utilized not simply to ensure the surface of the table, in any case, as they are generally made of paper, they can likewise be utilized to retain buildup dribbling along the glass or serve as an ad-hoc to a notebook. Beermats are frequently marked with trademarks or liquor branding. Beermats are not to be mistaken for bar mats, rectangular bits of elastic or permeable material used to secure the ledge and douse up spilled drinks in a bar or on the dining table.  With the advent of time, these coasters are considered as one of the impressive items to keep as a décor on the table. It comes up with wooden textured outlook making it an antique product.

In the year 1880, the principal beermats made of cardboard were presented by the German printing organization, Friedrich Horn. In 1892, Robert Sputh of Dresden made the primary beermat made of wood pulp.  Watney distillery acquainted them with the United Kingdom in 1920 to publicize their pale ale. The bundling organization Quarmby Promotions, built up in 1872, started fabricating beermats in Milnsbridge in 1931. After Quarmby Promotions was assumed control by the Katz Group, it moved creation to Brighouse and in 2006 to Morley, West Yorkshire, before shutting its generation in 2009. Saucers are likewise since a long time ago utilized as a part of western culture for many analogous reasons. At the point of drinking tea, it is standard to utilize a container and saucer set. By the mid-twentieth century, drink coasters made in numerous materials and styles were being produced for local use. Today, they are normal as an ordinary houseware piece and also utilized as a part of eateries.


Craftofy has secured an extensive variety of styles and inclinations to ensure that there’s a lot of enticing alternatives for coasters. You’ll locate your old top choices too- and a lot of new fine arts as well. Produced using top notch acrylic, these coasters are worked to last and stay looking attractive under your glass or mug. Not just do they serve a pragmatic capacity, they look extraordinary as a craftsmanship frill to any table when not being used.


A decent shape rather an interesting shape makes coaster most striking. Indian dining are incomplete without this piece on the middle table of your office and at home. A perfect bit of home style for the individuals who love to adorn their home with inventive things. It serves the purpose of any occasion gift.


Coasters are collectible stuffs- likewise, Tegestology is a term characterized as the act of gathering beermats or liners/ coasters, with specialists known as tegestologists.  The coasters are now available at the largest e-store Craftofy who thrives to bring the finest collection of the products. The handicraft items are also in fashion to create a long lasting impression as a home décor.